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Current Social Media forum tag.

Social Media forum tag (current)

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The Social Media (SM) was a Senior Mod team that focused on keeping Mineplex social media accounts (botthe e Twitter and Facebook) updated with interesting and exciting content for the community as well as deciding how to market the new skins and maps for the Bedrock Marketplace. Social Media also oversees the Content Creator Council.

Community SM[]

As of August 20th, 2021 Social Media applications are open to the public. As stated in this thread the work Social Media does isn't necessarily just for Staff members. The applications for this are currently closed.

Community Management Merge[]

For months on end, Social Media was paused for since the team no longer has access to any of its official Social Media accounts. January 22nd, 2023 it is announced that SM would merge with Community Management . Thread explaining can be found here.

Social Media members[]

The team was led by EmmaLie.

A list of members can be found here.