Speed Builders
The official drawing for Speed Builders.
Minigame Type Classic
Status Available
Teams Solo minigame
PvP Non-PvP minigame
Official Release Date January 29th, 2016
Number of Players 8
Game/Statistics Menu Icon Block of Quartz
Portal Representation Iron Golem
Server Tag SB-#

Speed Builders is a minigame that was released to Mineplex on January 29th, 2016. The objective of Speed Builders is to replicate the given builds as accurately as possible before time runs out.


All players will be shown the same build on their 7x7x7 plot and have 10 seconds to view the build. Then, it disappears and the players have 40 seconds to build. Players will be given the exact number of blocks and spawn eggs needed. Builds that are recreated perfectly will be announced in chat. When the timer runs out, all players will be switched to Spectator mode. Then, Gwen the Guardian will scan all builds and the player's score as a percentage will appear. Gwen the Guardian will shoot the least accurate build (or builds) with her laser, making it explode. The last player alive wins.

In the event of all players getting a perfect build, Gwen will be "impressed" and the round will end without an elimination.



Kit Description Cost
Speed Builder Professional build recreator! Free

Tips Edit

  • The orientation of the build matters.
  • Double tapping the space bar will make you jump high into the air, allowing to climb on builders much faster.
  • You will be given the exact amount of blocks needed to complete the build. If you have blocks left when you finish, that means there are blocks missing in your build.
  • Mobs also count for the build. You will be given spawn eggs to spawn the mobs. Simply left-click the mob to remove it.
  • Blocks break instantly, even though you're in survival mode.
  • When you are given the ten seconds to look at the actual build you're supposed to recreate, take note of things like dimensions or blocks in relation to other blocks or their positions on the platform to make things easier.

Achievements Edit

Main article: Achievements
Achievement Requirement Reward
Speed Master Win 10 games. 800 Gems
Dependable Make 50 perfect builds. 1200 Gems
First Build! Be the first player to make a perfect build in the game 10 times. 1800 Gems
Perfectionist Win a game with every build perfect. 2200 Gems
Speediest Builderizer Make a perfect build in under 10 seconds. 2000 Gems

Gem Rewards Edit

The list below shows the maximum sum of Gems a player may earn at a time without any boosters of any sort. Gem earnings are rounded down.

  • 10 Gems for Participation
  • 10 Gems for 3rd Place
  • 15 Gems for 2nd Place
  • 20 Gems for 1st Place

Glitches Edit

Current Edit

  • On some builds that include water, it will require you to replace the water one or more times, in order to receive a "Perfect Build."
  • Some builds with upside-down stairs may tend to revert back the upward position, even when placed in the proper area.
  • When you (accidentally or on purpose) place a block outside your plot, it will be removed, but will not reappear in your inventory/hotbar. The block can still be placed, but is invisible in your hotbar.
  • If you place a block in the last second available, it will disappear when Gwen starts to judge.
  • Standing on a transparent block when Gwen starts to judge, you may possibly be affected by gravity when switching to Spectator Mode. (i.e. You stand on leaves and you fall off the map) You can stop this if you land on water, hold space bar and wait until Gwen has finished judging.