The icon for the Statistics menu.
Also known as Statistics Menu
Code /stats
Function Opens the player's statistics page
Used in Main Lobby

/stats, also known as Stats, are a Game Command in Mineplex. It is represented by a piece of paper. The command can be activated by right-clicking the icon in the lobby, or typing /stats in the command bar.

Purpose Edit

When activated, players will be presented with icons for every game in Mineplex. Hovering over an icon will tell the player their total number of wins and games played for each game. The icon will also show the names of all the Achievements for that game. Clicking on an icon will give the player more statistics, including kills (if applicable), deaths (if applicable), the amount of Gems they earned from playing that game, etc. All Achievements will be displayed, along with a description on how they are earned, your progress on them, and the reward.

Players can also type /stats [player] to view the statistics of another player on their server.

Normal players can also view your stats by doing /stats [Player], but other players cannot view things like your time in-game. Your in-game time is useful when applying!