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A subteam is a team consisting of community members, staff members and/or builders which have a specific role regarding an aspect of the network.

List of subteams[]

Community subteam

Community Subteams[]

A community subteam is a subteam which anyone in the community, including staff, can join or apply for. They can be recognized by the light and dark blue colors of their tag. Here is a list of the community subteams:

Builder Subteams[]

A builder subteam is a subteam reserved for builders and are lead by a build lead. They can be recognized by their dark blue tag. Here is a list of the builder subteams:

Staff subteam

Staff Subteams[]

A staff subteam is a subteam that can only be joined by staff members. They can be recognized by a red and green tag. There are different types of staff subteams.

Trainee+ Subteams[]

Moderator+ Subteams[]

Senior Moderator+ Subteams[]

Discontinued subteams[]

Correspondence between Moderator subteams and Senior Moderator teams[]

In order to be eligible for a Senior Moderator position, a Moderator usually has to be in the subteam that corresponds with the Senior Moderator team he is aiming for. The correspondence is as follows:



The 'Mod of the Month', 'Staff of the Month' and 'Map Master' awards also appear in the subteam area of someone's profile. However, these are indeed awards and not subteams.