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Super Paintball, also simply known as Paintball, is an Arcade minigame on Mineplex that was released on November 2nd, 2013. In Super Paintball, two teams fight with paintball guns and attempt to eliminate each other by covering the opposing team's players with paint.


Super Paintball includes two teams: the red Nether Team and the blue Frost Team. When the round starts, the two teams are situated on opposite sides of the map. Each team attempts to eliminate the other with paintball guns, under no time limit.

Paintball guns are fired by holding down the RMB. When a paintball gun is fired, the projectile fired is determined by the team the player is currently on (ender pearls for the Nether Team and snowballs for the Frost Team). A projectile, after making contact with a block, colors the block in the player's team's color.

All players wear full leather armor colored to their team's color. If a player is hit by a projectile, they lose 5 health and a random piece of their armor is colored purple. When a player dies, their point of death is marked by an armor stand wearing purple leather armor and the player's head. Name tags above the armor stand show the username of the dead player, as well as the player responsible for their death. Players possessing at least one Water Bomb will see additional text above the armor stands of their teammates in the form of "Save Me [sic]!"[Note 1]

Every player starts with 3 Water Bombs[Note 2], which are actually Splash Potions of Water Breathing. Throwing one affects all teammates within range, alive or dead, completely cleansing them of paint and restoring them to full health.



Icon Name Official description Characteristics Range Cost
Iron Horse Armor
Rifle Semi-automatic paintball rifle.
  • 2-hit kill.
  • 0.5 second cooldown.
  • Permanent Speed I buff.
Medium-high Free
Golden Horse Armor
Shotgun Pump action paintball shotgun.
  • 8 paintballs per shot, 4-hit kill.
  • 1.5 second cooldown.
  • Permanent Speed 2 buff.
Low 2000 Gems
Diamond Horse Armor
Machine Gun Full-automatic paintball gun.
  • 4-hit kill.
  • Minimal to long cooldown.
  • Machine Gun - The experience bar represents the weapon overheating. Once the bar is filled, paintballs will only fire sporadically; players will have to wait for the bar to go down by itself for maximum efficiency. 
Medium-high 5000 Gems
Stone Hoe
Sniper Long range sniper rifle. Higher damage the longer scoped.
  • 1 to 4-hit kill.
  • 1 second cooldown.
  • Sniper Rifle - ⇧ Shift to scope. RMB to fire sniper rifle. The experience bar represents the damage dealt; the longer scoped in, the more the bar fills up.
High Unlock all Super Paintball achievements.


  • Shotguns fired near enemies usually one hit kill. If you miss, then retreat using the speed.


Experience points[]


The list below shows the maximum sum of Gems a player may earn at any given time without any boosters of any sort. Gem earnings are rounded down and sorted alphabetically, excluding variables.

Amount Reason
2 Gems One kill
10 Participation Reward
3 Gems One player revived
10 Winning team


Achievement Requirement Reward
Flawless Victory Win a round with the player's entire team alive. 1000 Gems
Killing Spree Get 4 kills in a row, with no more than 5 seconds between each kill. 1200 Gems
Last Stand The player is the last player alive on their team and kills 3 opponents. 1200 Gems
Medic! Revive 200 team members. 800 Gems
Paintball King Win 50 games of Super Paintball. 600 Gems
Speedrunner Win a game in 30 seconds. 1000 Gems
Super Paintball Master Achievement Unlock every Super Paintball achievement. Sniper kit


Maps Added In 2021[]

"Naxxstrius" and "The Exalt"

Maps Added in 2020[]

"Movie Night", "Pyromancer's Terrace", and "Dragon's Grove"

Maps Added in 2019[]

"Draconis", "Oceanic", "Painted Isles", "Lost Mesa", "Uldrak" and "Zaldazor"

Maps Added in 2018[]

"Evergreen" and "Garde Keep"

Maps Added in 2017[]

"Autumn Creeks", "Castle Grounds", "Strawberry Garden", "Forestry Lookout", "Miraculous Jaws" and "Mushroom Swamp"

Maps Added in 2016[]

"Dusty Savannah, "Chilly Falls" and "Overpass"

December 25th, 2015 - Merry Christmas[]

  • [Added] Added maps "Mansions" and "New York City".

December 18th, 2015 - Paintballin' Update![]

  • [Fixed] Fixed numerous bugs.
  • [Fixed] Fixed several Achievements to be awarded properly.
  • [Changed] Players who are out of the game are now represented by armor stands that wear the player's head and show who killed them, as well as text that says "Save Me!" for players that have at least one water bottle. The armor stand of an out player now disappears if said player leaves the game.
  • [Changed] Name tags are now only visible to players on your team.
  • [Added] Added a leather chestplate to the player's hotbar, dyed to the player's team color.
  • [Added] Added Sniper kit.

July 3rd, 2015 - Epic Map Update[]

  • [Added] Added maps "Anger of the Gods", "Farms", "Kingdom", and "Sonic Hills".

February 15th, 2015 - Anti-Cheat & Chests[]

  • Added map Eruption.

October 31st, 2014 - Kits, Balance, Maps[]

  • Can no longer duplicate Water Bottles.

November 2nd, 2013 - Minecon + Paintball[]

  • Minigame released.
  • Added maps "1984", "Cookie Town", "Besmap", The Painted Gardens" and "Triple Towers"


  1. Formerly, dead players were represented by an immobile skeleton with hands outstretched, wearing full purple leather armor.
  2. Water Bombs used to be known as Water Bottles.