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This minigame has been unavailable since June 2nd, 2020.
The reason why is unknown.
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This minigame is available on multiple Minecraft editions.
Please refer to Survival Games for the Java version.
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Survival Games is an Intermediate minigame on Mineplex which was released on September 20, 2016. In Survival Games, players have to scout the map for resources, all while fighting other players to become the last one standing.

Aim of the game[]

The aim of the game is to be the last player standing by collecting weapons and armor around the map.


Chests and Crafting[]

There are 3 different types of chest,

Tier 1: These chest are found just about anywhere on the map from homes, trees, roads and many other places. The loot these chest can contain includes food, leather, chain, gold and rarely iron, wood, stone and sometimes iron swords and axes, Tnt, bows, arrows, compasses and the following crafting ingredients: iron, wheat flint, sticks, diamonds and gold.

Tier 2: These chest are only found in the spawn. The loot is very similar to tier 1 but with 2 notable difference, iron loot is more common and diamond loot is rare instead of unfindable. Also bottles O' experience and lapis lazuli can be found.

Tier 3: This kind of chest is known as a supply drop, the loot for this kind of chest will be found in the Supply Drops section.


Survival games compasses are different than in vanilla Minecraft. instead of showing the world spawn, they point to the nearest player. If right clicked, they also show how many blocks away the nearest player is, this is good if you are on a killing spree or want to avoid others.

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Supply Drops[]

Highest chance of finding iron and diamond armor and weapons


Deathmatch starts 1 minute after the chest refill happens. During deathmatch, everyone gets teleported to the middle where they fight to the death. Border is placed around the middle to prevent anyone from escaping.


Kit Name Gem Cost Abilities
Axeman Free This is one of the default kits that is given to all players. Right-Click to throw axes! You deal +1 damage with Axes.

(Each axe throw has a 1-second cooldown, throwing during the cooldown will deal less damage depending on how long it has recharged. For example, if an axe is thrown 0.5 seconds after the last one is thrown, it will only deal 50% damage.)

Knight Free This is one of the default kits that is given to all players. You take 0.5 less damage from all attacks. Block on your opponent to use Hilt Smash, blinding, slowing, and dealing damage to the opponent.

(Right click with a sword on a player to use Hilt Smash. Hilt Smash- You smash enemy players, dealing 0.5 damage and temporary slowing them.

You take 0.5 less damage from attacks.)

Archer Free You receive 1 arrow every 20 seconds to a maximum of 3. Charge your bow to release a Barrage of arrows.

(Charge up your bow to use Barrage. Barrage-Slowly charge up your bow. When released, fires numerous arrows at once in a general direction. Good for inexperienced snipers. You receive 1 arrow every 20 seconds. Max. 3.

You receive a bow 90 seconds into the game.)

Brawler 2000 Gems You take 75% knockback and deal 125% knockback. Right-Click with Sword/Axe to use Ground Pound and send your opponents flying into the air.

(Right-Click with a weapon to use Ground Pound. Ground Pound-Smash the ground, making enemies leap up in the air. Does massive fall damage if used correctly. You take 75% knockback and deal 125% knockback.)

Necromancer 5000 Gems Killing an opponent will resurrect them as a skeletal minion.

(Killing someone turns them into a skeletal minion that fights for you. It will retain all the armor the tribute was wearing and the weapon they were using, so it will not drop when the tribute was killed. However, other weapons and armor are still dropped. Right click on a skeleton to edit its inventory.)

Bomber 5000 Gems Receive 1 TNT every 30 seconds to a maximum of 2. Left-Click with Bow to prepare an Explosive Arrow.

(You receive Throwing TNT every 30 seconds. Maximum of 2. Left-click with a bow to use a TNT to make your next arrow explosive.

6 seconds cooldown.)

Beastmaster 5000 Gems Spawn a pet wolf every 30 seconds to a maximum of 1. Right-Click with Sword/Axe to use Wolf Tackle, commanding your wolf to leap at your opponent.

(A wolf spawns every 30 seconds. Maximum of 1. Right-click with your weapon to make your wolf pounce.

Wolf pounce had 8 seconds cooldown)

Assassin 5000 Gems You deal +2 damage from behind your opponent. You cannot be seen on compasses until you're 8 blocks away from your opponents

(Deals +2 damage by hitting a foe from behind Your name tag is only visible from closer than 8 blocks from you.)

Barbarian 6000 Gems Deal 75% damage to all nearby enemies. Right-Click with Sword/Axe to use Blade Vortex, pulling all nearby enemies into you.

(Right-click with weapon to use Blade Vortex. Blade Vortex-Your Blade pulls enemies closer to you. Can be lethal when used properly. Hitting someone inflicts 75% damage on players near them.

Receive Regeneration 1 for 5 seconds on each kill)

Horseman Achievement Kit You spawn with a loyal horse companion.


  • Elven Citadel
  • Fallout
  • Fantasy Land
  • Kikoshi Islands
  • Plexworld
  • Primal
  • Riverton Castle
  • Shattered Kingdoms
  • Wild West
  • Palace

Team Mode[]

In team mode, You have all the same kits like in normal mode and are put in teams of 2.




Achievement Name Objective
Katniss Everdeen Win 30 games of Survival Games
Light Weight Win a game without wearing any armor.
Bloodlust Kill 3 other players in the first minute of a game.
Loot Hoarder Be the first to open 50 Supply Drops.
Skeletal Army Have 5 Necromanced Skeletons alive at one time.




  • Some tributes when killed drop "Fletched Arrow", and these cannot be thrown away
  • The Archer kit, is free in the Bedrock version of this game, however, according to the Mineplex website, it says it is 2000 gems for this kit
  • Do not use the necromancer kit, it is bugged. Skeletons from the necromancer kit for some reason kill you instead of defending you.


December 2020 - Christmas Update

  • Game rotator added; Solo Survival Games has a chance to appear in the rotation. It returned in 2021

June 2, 2020 – Lobby Update[]

  • Removed Survival Games (Bedrock), along with Death Tag, Skyfall in lobby. Survival Games has been replaced with Survival.

April 5th, 2018 – Bedrock Update[]

  • [Fixed] Inventories no longer clear in deathmatch

July 23rd, 2017 – Developer Update[]

  • [Added] Survival Games Teams
  • [Changed] Reworked loot to include better items
  • [Fixed] Throwing TNT now awards damage and kills to the player properly

April 4th, 2017 – Developer Update[]

  • [Fixed] Fixed kit entities facing away from spawn

December 8th, 2016 – Winter Infusion & SG Maps[]

  • [Added] "Elven Citadel", "Plexworld", "Fantasy Land" and "Wild West" (Maps)

September 20th, 2016 – PE Survival Games Release[]

  • [Added] Solo SG released along with Kits and Maps


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