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This minigame is limited to Mineplex Player Servers.
The reason why is unknown.

Your animals are hungry. Guide them to enemy crops.

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Tug of Wool is a Limited minigame on Mineplex that was released on an unknown date. In Tug of Wool, teams had to defend their crops from opposing livestock from the enemy team. The concept of this minigame is vaguely similar to Type Wars.

Despite the name, Tug of Wool does not bear much resemblance with the sport tug of war.


There are two teams: the red Pig Team and the blue Sheep Team. Teams spawn behind strips of dirt on opposite sides of the map, each comprised of wheat for the Pig Team and carrots for the Sheep Team. Pigs and sheep (depending on the team) infinitely spawn behind their strips, and automatically gravitate towards the enemy strip.

Teams must prevent opposing livestock from reaching their crops; failure to do so will result in the mobs rapidly consuming them.[Note 1] Livestock, allied or not, can be killed to hinder such progress. Players can also be killed, although it is much harder to do so by comparison; the respawn time for players is 20 seconds.

There is no time limit. The first team to lose all their crops loses the round, with the other team victorious.



Kit Official description Inventory Special abilities Cost
Smasher Giant and muscular, easily smacks others around.
  • Iron Helmet (grid)Iron Chestplate (grid)Iron Leggings (grid)Iron Boots (grid)Full set of Iron Armor
  • Iron Sword (grid)Iron Sword
  • RMBGround Pound - The player smashes the ground, launching enemies and surrounding mobs into the air; damage is dealt by the initial impact and fall damage. Cooldown - 10 seconds
  • Mammoth - The player takes 50% knockback and deals 150% knockback.
Archer Unknown
  • Chain Helmet (grid)Chain Chestplate (grid)Chain Leggings (grid)Chain Boots (grid)Full set of Chain Armor
  • Stone Sword (grid)Stone Sword
  • Bow (grid)Bow
  • Arrow (grid)Arrows
  • RMBBarrage - The player loads several arrows into their bow, indicated by clicks of higher pitch. Release to fire them all at once, at the cost of 1 arrow.
  • Fletcher - The player receives 1 arrow every 20 seconds. Maximum unknown.

Gem rewards[]

The list below shows the maximum sum of Gems a player may earn at any given time without any boosters of any sort. Gem earnings are rounded down and sorted alphabetically, excluding variables.

Gems Reason[Note 2]
10 First Blood
x / 2 x Kill Assists
x / 2 x Kills


  1. Pigs and sheep are, in fact, attracted to and bred by carrots and wheat, respectively.
  2. Unlike most Mineplex fighting minigames, Tug of Wool does not award any Gems for winning the round.