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The official logo for the VIP+ rank.


The current VIP+ rank chat prefix.

VIP+ Appearance

How the VIP+ rank looks like in-game.

The VIP+ Rank, also simply known as VIP+, is a premium rank that was made available on the Mineplex Bedrock server on June 25, 2022. VIP+ costs 2210 Minecoins or $12.99 per month. It is the first ever subscription-based rank on Mineplex Bedrock. Currently, VIP+ is the highest paid rank.

Current Benefits[]

VIP+ Message

Popup message stating that VIP+ is required to play a game.

  • VIP+ Tag
  • All Member, Duke and Duchess benefits
  • Lobby Flying (can be toggled with /fly)
  • Rainbow Chat (can be toggled with /rainbow)
  • Pets in Games
  • Exclusive pet (Superhero Corgi, only available while subscription is active)
  • 1 Network Amplifier each month
  • 2 Treasure Party Bombs each month
  • Larger friend list (250 players, 100 more than Duke/Duchess)
  • Access to special gamemodes (Death Run, Cake Wars Mega)

Community Feedback[]

The community response was mostly negative, owing to the fact that there had been no major content updates in over a year prior to the rank's release. Additionally, VIP+ released at almost double the price of its Java counterpart, the Immortal rank, with fewer perks.

Furthermore, players don't see much value in the perks included. For example, the rainbow chat feature negatively impacts readability. Likewise, enabling pets in games will only hinder players in PVP games, as they can get in the way and block line of sight.

As is a common theme with Mineplex updates, it has been suggested that the launch of VIP+ was rushed.

VIP Rank

Official VIP photo by Mineplex. Potentially being in the game but then removed.

  • VIP+ had never undergone testing by the QAT team, meaning that all bugs would be first discovered by VIP+ players themselves.
  • Likewise, the launch of the rank had not been communicated with any volunteer staff, even admins were not informed.
  • With this, no teams were anticipating or prepared for the release. For this reason, the rank isn't shown in the Mineplex Discord server.
  • The rank name doesn’t fit the mostly medieval theme of the server. (Similar to previous game lobby)
  • It is speculated that VIP+ was supposed to be released alongside another rank, VIP, though the latter appears to have been discarded.

The initial release was also shaped by numerous issues, some of which remain to be fixed.

  • The rank didn't expire after the one-month subscription had ended.
  • VIP+ players don't receive the game amplifiers and treasure bombs as advertised.
  • Pets could be used by all players in games at first.
  • The lobby flight doesn't work consistently, e.g. after rejoining a lobby.
  • VIP+ "exclusive" modes can be accessed by all players by joining a friend's server via the /ftp command, therefore eliminating the need to purchase the rank to be able to play.
  • Despite this, all VIP+ modes have been known to have decreased player counts due to the rank limitation, often facing the problem of not meeting the minimum players required to start a game.

While some had speculated that profits from the VIP+ rank may be invested into the server's development, this would soon prove to be false as the majority of paid staff (including the entirety of the development team) at Mineplex were let go over the course of late 2022-early 2023, reducing the number of paid contractors at Mineplex to a minimal size. As a consequence, even a year later, only one content update has made its way onto the server, with no subsequent major changes to be anticipated in the future.

Despite the high amounts of feedback, ownership has yet to show any interest in reworking or changing the rank in any way.


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June 25th, 2022[]

  • Released VIP+ Rank