The 2019 waiting lobby that was introduced alongside with the new 'Butch' queue system.

A Waiting Lobby is a waiting room in Mineplex. Whenever a player joins a game, they will be sent to this room. The purpose of this waiting room is just like most others: to provide players with a place to stay until the necessary number of players have been reached. From there, they are also able to chose their kit and team, as well as vote for the map. After that, the game starts.

The default, iconic Mineplex waiting lobby up to 2018.

 Some Cosmetics and Gadgets, such as Shard Party Bombs, do not function properly in the waiting lobby. The Wither Morph, the Elder Guardian Morph, the Grim Reaper Morph and the Metal Man Morph are the only morphs that allow the player to fly or achieve extra air time.

 There was one default waiting lobby that mineplex kept using until 2018. At first it was used for all game modes, but then some custom waiting lobbies were introduced for some game modes. That lobby was considered as an icon of Mineplex, as it was recognisable amongst all. In 2019, a modified and improved version of this lobby came by alongside with a new queue system update. Additionally to the kit and team selection areas, this lobby also features a skylands - the one that has been 'coming soon' since 2013, as well as game leaderboards.

Contents Edit

2019 waiting lobby Edit

The player spawn on a plaza made out of stone bricks. On a corner, there are the player's stats for the game they just played. On one side, there is the kit selection area, and on the other there is the team selection area. There is also a leaderboard on a third side. Throughout the lobby, a small hill, some trees, a parkour and a cave can be found.

Default lobby (2013 to 2018) Edit

The "room" is actually an outdoor sky island. In the centre of the waiting room, there is a centrepiece mini-plaza made of stone bricks. On one side are mobs (usually zombies) standing atop pedestals of coloured wool and stone bricks slabs, allowing you to click/right-click on them to select kits. On the other side, coloured sheep also stand on pedestals, letting you choose your team. Survival Games and Super Smash Mobs have kits on two sides, rather than kits on one side and teams on the other. Above the pedestals, stained clay letters in the sky tell you to pick a team or kit. Likewise, the name, the status, and the map of the game are also depicted, along with advertisements at another patch of sky.

Custom lobbies for other game modes Edit

Name Picture Info
Bedrock Waiting Lobby
Bedrcok WL
This lobby is still used to this day.
Mineplex Winter Lobby
Winter Waiting lobby-0
During the winter months, the waiting lobby will look Christmas-themed. All bodies of water freeze over, oak trees are replaced with spruce trees, and Block of Coal (grid) Blocks of Coal take the place of the piles of cobblestone. Giant candy canes and a large Christmas tree are present as well. An igloo replaces the wood hut. Durring 2016 Olaf the snowman was there too.
Mineplex Player Server
In MPS, the waiting lobby had fantasy themed. there's mushrooms and huge trees on it. It also got a parkour and king of the ladder. Plus in underground, it got lava and mines.
Mineplex Community Server
COM Servers
Very similar to MPS one. However, it added a Castle and ruins
Cake Wars
Survival Games
The Bridges
Mixed Arcade
This lobby is also used in:
Block Hunt
Block Hunt Lobby
Champions Lobby
Generic Pre-Game lobby
SSM Lobby
This lobby is used in the following games:
Although Clans is very different from the other games, it has a form of pre-lobby as it has its own hub.
Holiday Waiting Lobbys Picture Info
Battle Royale
Allien Invasion
Pumpkins Revenge
Christmas Chaos v2
Halloween Havoc
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