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This minigame is limited to Mineplex Player Servers since January 10rd, 2019.
The reason why is as follows: Removed as part of the 2018 Java Restructure due to unpopularity, lack of potential, and/or inaccessibility.

Wield powerful spells to fight against other players in this exciting free-for-all brawl!

Wizards, formerly known as Wizard Battles, is a Survival minigame that was released to Mineplex on May 1, 2015. It was released as a Beta minigame on January 23, 2015. This game is a heavily modified version of RedWarfare's Wizard Battles, a smaller server Mineplex acquired on November 22, 2014. In Wizards, players fight using an array of magical spells with the objective of being the last player standing.

Players may opt to play with a custom resource pack, which adds custom art to the Spell Menu and other effects. Doing so is highly recommended, though not completely necessary. The pack automatically downloads; no manual downloadable pack currently exists.


There is only one team: the yellow Players team. When the game starts, a large number of chests will be scattered around the map. Players have to dig through as many chests as possible to acquire armor, food, and various spellbooks to gear up and defeat their enemies.


Mineplex Wizards Trailer.

A trailer created by Tewtiy highlighting Wizards. It features custom animation as well as live gameplay footage.


A spell book.

 Spellbooks look like the icon of the spell they represent. They can be found in chests along with armor, materials, and food. If a spellbook is at any point in the player's inventory, the player will learn the spell, which can then be assigned to a spell wand. The spellbook is consumed in the process. Upon death, all items are dropped, including some consumed spell books, which can be consumed by anyone who picks them up. Normally, players start the game with no spells but Lv.1 Mana Bolt and Wizards Compass. Additional spellbooks of the same type of spell can be collected to increase the level of the spell, which makes them more powerful.[Note 1]

Spell Wand

A Spell Wand.

Spell wands are represented by retextured blaze rods; right-clicking one will bring up the spell menu. This displays all spells the player currently has in a GUI. With this, players are able to assign a specific spell to a wand. Through chests, players are also able to acquire additional wands for a maximum of 5, which can then be assigned to spells themselves. Grey squares represent empty wand slots. Normally, the player starts out with 2 wands.

Craftable items in Wizards
Image(s) Item
Bread (grid) Bread
Diamond Helmet (grid)Diamond Chestplate (grid)Diamond Leggings (grid)Diamond Boots (grid) Diamond armor
Crafting Table (grid) Crafting Table
Golden Helmet (grid)Golden Chestplate (grid)Golden Leggings (grid)Golden Boots (grid) Gold armor
Iron Helmet (grid)Iron Chestplate (grid)Iron Leggings (grid)Iron Boots (grid) Iron armor

Crafting is possible in Wizards, but players are limited to only a few items. Creating items from raw materials can offer an advantage to the player, since they don't have to rely solely on the loot obtained from Chest (grid) Chests. Crafting Table (grid) Crafting Tables are rare or nonexistent in most maps, but players can craft their own using Oak Wood Planks (grid) Wood Planks.

Broken is the cage, the skies scream with rage!

The ground trembles with fear, our doom is here!

Where the wizards stand, meteors strike the land!

Fight to the death! Fight with your dying breath!

Players are limited not only by the cooldown of the spells when casting, but also by the amount of mana they have. By default, each player has a maximum of 100 mana, along with a regeneration rate of 2.5 mana per second (mps), displayed at the top of the screen. The maximum, as well as the rate of regeneration, can be bolstered with special kits and power surges. Power surges begin at the four-minute mark, with another one per minute; each decrease the mana cost and cooldown of spells.

There is a time limit of 10 minutes. Afterwards, one of two poems will appear in the chat, seen left; following this example, meteorites will begin showering from the sky, with the frequency and power of them increasing as Overtime progresses. The round will keep going until only one player is left alive. There is a second poem that will instead deploy increasingly powerful lightning bolts which function similarly.

The number of wizards left in the game is displayed to the right, along with the time limit.



Each kit is represented by a witch. No kits have descriptions.[Note 2]

Kit Perk Removed Features
Wizard The kit all wizards initially use. No perks. None
Mage Start out with two random spells.
  • Named Hermit.
  • Start out with one random spell.
Sorcerer Start with an extra wand.
  • Named Scholar.
Mystic Mana regeneration increased by 10%.
  • Mana regeneration increased by 20%.
Witch Doctor Max mana increased to 150. Max mana increased to 300


See also: List of Wizards Beta spells

There are three types of spells, each with their own class of abilities. Certain spells are able to damage the environment.[Note 3]

Attack Spells[]

Spells of destruction.

Attack Spells affect an enemy player in some way, usually through damage.

Icon Spell Official description Function Max level Mana cost Cooldown (seconds) Special statistics
Anvil Drop
Anvil Drop[Note 4] Summons exploding anvils over everyone near you! This also includes the caster! Anvils appear over the heads of all opponents around the player, dealing high damage and creating a crater when they fall. Can be easily avoided with normal running speed. 3 40 15
  • Damage - (SL * 2) + 3 HP
Fireball Be an object of fear and awe! Summon a blazing fireball! Fire a fireball in the direction the player is facing, creating an explosion on impact that damages surrounding players and blocks. Does not inflict much damage, but can propel opponents away to chain attacks. Can be deflected by hitting it. 3 30 15
  • Damage - SL + 3 HP
Ice Shards
Ice Shards Overwhelm your opponent with shards! Each shard is fired half a second after the last allowing you to pummel your enemies senseless! Fire shards with the appearance of ice in rapid succession. Damage of each individual shard is minimal; relies on accuracy to make a majority of the shards hit. 5 30 20
  • Damage - 2 HP
  • Shards - SL + 1
Lightning Strike
Lightning Strike[Note 5] Summon a mighty lightning strike to hit the target you point out! The lightning also contains fire! Summon a lightning bolt on the block the player's cursor is on. Will set the target on fire. Drains much of the player's mana, but can be deadly if aimed correctly. Because of a delay between casting and spell execution, "Lightning Strike" must be aimed in the direction the target is going. 3 50 20
  • Damage - (SL * 2) + 2 HP
Mana Bolt
Mana Bolt[Note 6] Basic spell all beginner mages are taught, this [sic] creates a mana missile commonly attributed towards the magic profession and homes [sic] in towards the closest target! Fire a beam of particles in the direction the player is facing; it tracks the target to some extent. Upon impact with a player, it will deal instant damage. Is not very powerful, but does not cost much mana and has a fast cooldown. 3 15 5
  • Damage - SL + 2 HP
  • Range - (SL * 10) + 20 B
Napalm Creates a ball of fire that grows the longer it lives. At an [sic] large size it even burns away nearby blocks! Create a ball of fire that grows in size the longer it is charged; size increases lengthwise, with the starting point being the smallest. At a sufficient size, it can burn away surrounding blocks. Generally a close range spell. 5 60 60
  • Length - (SL * 10) + 5 B
Rainbow Beam
Rainbow Beam Firing rainbow beams of love and hope! This spell damages the target instantly! The thing is, to make this fit in with our budget the [sic] damage will decrease after 30 blocks by 0.2 damage per block![Note 7] Fire a straight, multicolored beam of particles in the direction the player is facing; it reaches its target instantly. Upon impact with another player, it will deal damage. Does not deal much damage, but can be used to snipe players. Has a very long range, and hits exactly where the player's cursor points. 5 5 8
  • Damage - SL + 2 HP
  • Range - 80 B
Rumble Creates a targeted earthquake in the direction you face! Explodes with damage at the end! Effected [sic] players lose their footing! Create a flurry of particles on the ground in the direction the player is facing, which explodes and damages a player upon impact, as well as inflicting a temporary Slowness debuff, up to Slowness V. Useful for deterring enemies from advancing towards the player's position and escaping from a fight. 5 30 15
  • Damage - SL + 2 HP
  • Explosion damage - SL / 4 HP
  • Range - SL * 10 B
  • Tier - SL
Spectral Arrow
Spectral Arrow Shoot an arrow that penetrates! Further the distance, higher the damage! Fire an arrow that increases in damage the further it travels. Good for skilled bow snipers, but players should be wary of the arrow's curved trajectory. 3 40 15
  • Damage - (B / (7 - SL)) + 3 HP

Support Spells[]

Spells of assistance.

Support Spells affect the player in some way, usually by buffing them.

Icon Spell Official description Function Max level Mana cost Cooldown (seconds) Special statistics
Flash Teleport to the block you are looking at! Teleports the player to the block the former's cursor is on. Not possible for rapid, successive use due to its high cooldown, but useful for escaping a fight. 3 20 50
  • Range - (SL * 10) + 20 B
Heal Low on health and need to retreat? Use this! Heal yourself up! Regenerates lost health incurred from damage by the player, up to 4 health. Does not heal much, even at high level, but due to its instant nature, can make a sizable difference. 5 50 30
  • Strength - (SL / 2) + 1.5 HP
Speed Boost Gain a speed potion effect to outrun your enemies [sic] Endows the player with a temporary Speed buff, up to Speed III. Great for chasing down escaping enemies, dodging spells, or fleeing a fight. The effect lasts quite a while. 2 20 40
  • Duration - 20 s
  • Tier - SL + 1

Misc Spells[]

Misc spells that don't fit in [sic] These spells generally effect the world itself [sic]

Misc Spells affect the environment in some way, usually by creating material constructs, indirectly affecting the player and enemies.

Icon Spell Official description Function Max level Mana cost Cooldown (seconds) Special statistics
Frost Barrier[Note 8] Create a wall of ice! Create a wall composed of ice which eventually disintegrates. Useful for temporarily blocking and disorienting enemies if timed correctly, as well as ranged projectiles. 3 10 20
  • Height - SL + 1 B
  • Width - (SL * 2) + 4 B
Gust[Note 9] Cast the spell and watch your enemies fly! Fires a gust of wind, which deals knockback to enemies and flings them into the air, but no direct damage. Damage may be received in the form of fall damage. Very useful when the target is close to the edge of the map. 3 15 20
  • Size - 10 * SL B
  • Strength - SL * 30%
Ice Prison On impact [sic] creates a mighty ice prison to capture thy enemies! Fires an ice block. Upon impact, creates a dome of ice that is useful for imprisoning enemies for escape, imprisoning enemies to prevent them from escaping, or secluding the player in a protective layer in order to regenerate health/mana. Eventually disintegrates, but can be mined through by a player. 3 25 20
  • Size - SL + 3 by SL + 3 B
Implode[Note 10] Gathers the blocks at target location and scatters them about the area. Gathers blocks the player's cursor is on into a ball shape, which are then scattered around the vicinity with a loud roar. Useful for severing crucial bridges and temporarily disorienting enemies who are caught in the area of affected blocks. 3 50 30
  • Range - 50 B
  • Height - SL B
  • Width - SL * 2 B
Rainbow Road[Note 11] Summon into being a mighty road of rainbows for thee to walk on! Create a bridge in the appearance of a rainbow based on where the player's cursor is pointing. Useful for reaching new areas and campers. 3 10 20
  • Length - SL * 10 B
Summon Wolves[Note 12] Summons a pack of wolves and assigns you as the leader. They will fight for you and after 30 seconds, will disappear [sic] Summon a pack of tamed wolves, which will fight alongside the player. A costly spell, but useful at high level. They can be killed, but high amounts of wolves will overwhelm enemies easily with assistance. 3 80 160
  • Wolves - SL + 2
Trap Rune[Note 13] Draws an explosion rune on the ground! The rune takes 5 seconds to prepare and will damage even you! Draw a rune on the ground, which becomes invisible after activation and will damage all players who step over it. Rune takes 5 seconds to activate. Good for placing traps near high-traffic chests. 3 25 30
  • Damage - (SL * 2) + 3 HP
  • Range - (SL * 4) + 12 B
  • Size - SL B
Web Shot[Note 14][Note 15] Shoot webs just like your favorite hero! Create cobwebs that will trap and slow down enemies, similar to a normal cobweb; can affect the player as well. Once trapped, enemy is vulnerable to other attacks. 3 40 20
  • Damage - 2 HP
  • Webs - SL * 2
Wizard's Compass Displays particles pointing to the closest enemy! Generate particles in front of the player that point to the closest enemies, showing their name tags as well. Can be constantly spammed due to low mana cost and cooldown. 1 5 4 None
style="background-color: hsl(0, 0%, 97%); color: hsl(0, 0%, 20%); text-align: center" |None
style="background-color: hsl(0, 0%, 97%); color: hsl(0, 0%, 20%); text-align: center" |None


  • Players should keep all items they find in their inventory, no matter how useless they may seem at first. This is to cultivate crafting of potential items.

Gem Rewards[]


Main article: Updates

January 23rd, 2015 - Wizards Beta[]

  • Released to public Beta.

May 1st, 2015 - Wizards & Clans[]

  • Released to public.
  • Resource pack added.
  • Spell textures added.
  • Additional GUI features added.
  • Quick cast added.

May 15th, 2015 - Minor Resource Pack Update[]

  • Resource pack updated to include custom armor.


  1. While spells are the preferred method of attack, punching with fists/wands still inflicts damage.
  2. Kits that are highlighted red are removed from the final version.
  3. Below,
    • "SL" represents "Spell Level",
    • "B" represents "Blocks",
    • "HP" represents "Hit Points", and
    • "s" represents "seconds".
  4. Originally named Droom.
  5. Lightning Strike erroneously had the description of Rumble in the Beta version. This has since been fixed.
  6. Originally named Magic Missile.
  7. The "budget restraint" that is referenced could really be a joking way of nerfing the Rainbow Beam, in order to prevent the skill from becoming too overpowered by players sniping from afar.
  8. Originally Stone Wall.
  9. Replaces Launch and Launch Rune.
  10. An implosion is an inward explosion, meaning the former is the opposite of the latter. The spell causes an implosion in its first stage, but deviates away from this definition in its second stage, when the blocks are scattered outward.
  11. Replaces ''Bridge'' spell.
  12. Originally an Attack Spell.
  13. Originally a Rune Spell, a section that was removed.
  14. Originally named Spiderman, and did not deal damage.
  15. Similarly named according to the Spider's former skill in Super Smash Mobs.