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Mineplex YouTubers are players who mainly upload Mineplex-related content to their YouTube channel, and receive an average of at least 15,000 views on one week-old videos. Official YouTubers are officially sanctioned and recognized by Mineplex, and are featured on the Staff page. An Official YouTuber receives both a forum and a chat tag, while a regular YouTuber formerly only received the latter.

On December 11th, 2015, Leader Strutt20 announced the YT rank, given to smaller YouTube channels.


The Current YT Chat Tag

Criteria Edit

Certain conditions must first be met in order to earn the different YouTube tags. This is to establish the proficiency of a certain YouTuber in the profession, in that it caters to a wide range of audiences while also upholding various Mineplex rules.

The YouTuber rank generally follows donor rank rewards. The Official YouTube rank is reserved for top YouTubers, who are picked at the discretion of the Leadership Team.[1]

Rank Average views (per one week-old videos) Additional requirements
YT rank 1000
  • The channel must have at least 20 videos with good quality and moral standards, all recorded in the last 6 months of the application.
  • The owner of channel must be at least 14 years old (formerly 16).
  • The owner of channel must have a good history on Mineplex.
  • Once you have the rank, you must upload 2 mineplex videos a month.
  • You must have a minimum of 2,000 subscribers.
YouTube rank 15,000

List of players with YouTube rank Edit

List of players with YT rank Edit

  • KreekCraft
  • DivinePegasi
  • OreoMuffin
  • MrQuack22
  • Zavast
  • Maltshake
  • 23SmallFry
  • Mrs. Samantha

Features of YT rank Edit

Option Type Description
Anti Velocity (Hub) Preference Disables any knockback given to the player such as from Gadgets or Morphs.
Forcefield Preference Toggles whether other players are bounced away when they get too close to the player. Useful when the player is being "mobbed" by others, like when doing an intro, standing still, etc.
Vanish + Flight Preference Toggles whether other players are able to see the player. Useful when trying to be unnoticeable; completely erases the player's presence anywhere.
/youtube Game Command Unlocks all the kits for a game.
/disguise Game Command Appear as a completely different player on the network. Useful when trying to be unnoticeable.

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